Visar Kurti Administration & Finance Manager


Visar Kurti was born in Prishtinë in 1990. He studied Economics at the University of Prishtina and later completed a Masters degree in 2017 in Marketing. His graduate thesis focused on Green Marketing Techniques and Practices based on Consumer Spending Habits in Kosova.

Visar has over 10 years' experience in accounting and finance in a few different roles ranging from financial consulting, outsourced financial advising for the private sector, as well as financial accounting for the non-profit sector. Visar has worked for a few different international organizations including: UA Builders, WeWork, and most recently, Matrix Technologies. In Kosova, Visar has experiences working for Scampa, United For Animals, and ORCA - an organization which focuses on improving the quality of education at the University level. His experiences have made him knowledgeable on accounting and finance systems in both Kosova and the United States.

Besides the above mentioned experiences, Visar is passionate about the arts - more specifically about music and photography. He was a guitarist in a few different rock bands in Kosova and has been features in photography exhibitions at a local and regional level.

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