Egzon Gashi Chief Executive Officer


Egzon Gashi was born in Kosova in 1991 and his family moved to the United States less than a year after– to leave a tumultuous situation in the Former Yugoslavia and to pursue education opportunity for Egzon and his three siblings.

​Egzon spent the first 6 years of his life in Bronx, NY when his family again moved, this time only 20 miles, to New Jersey – again for educational opportunity. Egzon attended Rutgers University in 2012 and later studied International Relations at the University of Oxford from 2012-2013.

After Oxford, and inspired by his family’s relentless pursuit of education, Egzon joined Teach For America as a recruit in 2014. With Teach For America, Egzon taught high school mathematics for two years in Memphis, Tennessee. Concurrently, Egzon completed a master’s degree in secondary education from Johns Hopkins University.

During his time with Teach For America, Egzon was introduced to Teach For All – a global organization that worked to bring the Teach For America model to countries around the world. Knowing that educational inequity and a lack of opportunity existed in Kosova – and his family having left for that very reason – Egzon moved back to Kosova in 2018 to Found Teach For Kosova and is currently the organizations Chief Executive Officer.

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