About the Fellowship


The Teach For Kosova Fellowship is a 2-year full-time teaching and leadership development program for outstanding Kosovars to realize their professional and leadership potential while committing to teaching in the classroom. Teach For Kosova Fellows will be placed in low-resourced, high need public schools, and be supported for two years with intensive leadership development and support.


We recruit and select talented Kosovar graduates, young professionals, and existing teachers with diverse backgrounds and fields of study to become our Fellows. We look for leaders with a growth mindset and exceptional leadership potential.

Fellows are not required to have teaching experience when applying to the Fellowship Program. If selected for the Fellowship,​ Fellows will be trained at our 6-week Intensive Summer Institute Training Program to prepare them for the classroom. Fellows will have continuous support throughout the 2-year Fellowship Program from experienced mentors to ensure that they can lead their classrooms and have a positive impact on their students.


​The role that Teach For Kosova's Fellows will play is crucial as 42% of the country's population is under the age of 25. The impact that Fellows will have in the classroom will continue as impact they will have as alumni once they complete the program.

Change Makers in the Classroom: Teaching to Make a Difference

Through teaching, Fellows have the unique opportunity to change the future of Kosova's children and the nation. A Fellow's role is to be an example for their students, to support them in their academic career by setting bold and measurable goals, and to collaborate with their peers, parents, community members and leaders to reach those goals. Teach For Kosova will support and train Fellows so that they can equip their students with the academic and character skills needed to succeed in the 21st century.

A Transformational Experience

A Fellow's leadership journey at Teach For Kosova is one in which they will be exposed to and tackle real-world challenges, learn from these experiences to become a better person, and discover their own unique strengths - while living with core values and taking on responsibilities that are larger than themselves. Fellows will develop meaningful relationships and skills needed to be successful for whichever field they enter upon completing the Fellowship.

Long-Term Leadership and Advocacy

Teach For Kosova will continue to support and work with our alumni long after completion of the fellowship. As alumni, you will leverage your Teach For Kosova experiences to become leaders in education, government, social innovation, corporations, and other sectors. You will continue to become leaders in a movement for educational equity and excellence for all, helping to fuel social and economic progress in Kosova.

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