Community Visits: Gjakovë

By: Dardan Hajrizi
​As part of the project: Teacher Profile Development; recruitment of teachers from the Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian communities, Teach For Kosova selected Gjakova as one of the municipalities to begin its community/school visits. The purpose of these visits were to learn from different teachers, school/community leaders, parents, and students about the education system in Gjakova. While visiting different schools, the team met incredible people who were dedicated to improving the education system and understood the obstacles that exist within it.

Teach For Kosova will also visit Mitrovica and Malisheva as part of the project which is supported by the Engagement for Equity (E4E) program financed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). From these visits, the team hopes to use the knowledge gained to build a "teacher profile," one that will inform what qualities a Teach For Kosova fellow must possess in order to fulfill our mission and vision as an organization.23e

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