Samir Shahini Director of Program


Samir Shahini was born in Leskovc, Serbia in 1990 and was brought up in Medvegjë, while his family moved to Fushë Kosovë in 1999. He earned a bachelors degree in English Language, and is now pursuing a masters degree in European Integration and Public Administration at the University of Prishtina. Samir has been a civil society activist for a long time. He worked as the Activities Coordinator at Lets Shine Together, and as Program Manager at The Ideas Partnership and Balkan Sunflowers Kosova. In January 2020 he joined Teach for Kosova as the Director of Program, aiming to contribute in improving the quality of education in Kosova. Samir has a special interest in education, human rights – with an emphasis on the rights of the minority communities in Kosova, issues that are related to the environment, as well as social entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, Samir has been engaged in different organizations such as Sbunker, Swiss-Contact, Terre des Hommes, Kosovo Education Center, Hopes and Homes of Children, as well as institutions like Municipalities of Kamenica and Shtime, as a trainer or external expert in education, employment, children safeguarding, advocacy, and civic activism.

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